Getting Creative with the Outdoors

Getting creative with your trails and hikes, this shelter in place and social distancing thing has got me thinking we need to be more creative with how we enjoy the outdoors and about getting back to the idea of exploring. Exploring of course is a relative term but the influx of people to popular destinations and the lack of social distancing has led to the closure of a lot of outdoor spaces. So, what am I rambling about, well we should be exploring closer to home and staying out of destination spots, for us Mt Laguna, Julian and Anza Borrego have seen massive influxes of people (I’m not the social distancing police but it’s probably not in keeping with the theme). The idea of the outdoors for me is social distancing before it was cool so to head out to a spot just to find its full of people and a human zoo would suck.

So, what are my ideas what am I doing? Well we can still go outsides for walks etc. I’m keeping it super local and enjoying my nearby area which has been great many of our trails are empty while everyone is rushing to the popular spots. I went for a hike with Mrs. Kit Fox and we only saw a couple people out there. Basically, research your local area and find some off the beaten path trails, they are there. When you do find them respect them and the idea that you will probably want to enjoy it in the future so pack it in pack it out.

On the note of research that’s another way I have been enjoying the outdoors, by studying… Yes, slow down walk around the block, take pictures of local plants and animals when you get back home try identifying them. Our Local history is another interesting thing to study up on. This is all good for becoming more knowledgeable on our local area and trails, and if you got kids at home what a great way to do some learning without it all being on screens.

I know a lot of your hard-core Dudes and Duette’s are like but how am I supposed to get my train on, well this is a great time to break out your backpacking gear and throw you pack on with a little extra weight (be smart). I know walking the dog or a trip around the block with a backpack on might look strange, but these are strange times and I don’t think anyone is judging. But be creative reach out to a friend who works out or a personal trainer and find out some things you can do to add resistance and get trail ready.

Speaking of trail ready, now is a great time to break out that gear and make sure it’s ready to go when you are. Go though you gear, is it serviceable does it fit, or do you need to do some adjustments. I’m looking for all kinds of chores to keep busy and these are some good ones.

While this isn’t all inclusive it’s just a few observations I have made anything, I’m trying to do to keep active and follow the “rules”. Right now, is definitely an interesting time and like the outdoors in general we need to be adaptive and roll with the punches. If you can think of anything else to add to this, please let us know we are all ears over here.

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