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Mt Charleston Day 2

We did not wake up for an alpine start… the sleeping bags were too warm and after a night of tossing and turning it was nice to sleep in a little bit. After driving out Thursday (read about that here) and a full day hiking up to camp (read about that here) we took out time getting up, that was a good thing. After a hearty breakfast of power bar and coffee we packed up and headed towards the summit.

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Mt Charleston, Day 1

With the lock downs compounded by the California wildfires I was getting a little stir crazy at the house. I was doing good until the backcountry pretty much got secured to reduce the possibility of more wildfires so when my buddy Mike put together a hiking trip to Mt Charleston, I jumped at it. My usually summer go to of the eastern sierras was off the table, so I got to do a mountain I have wanted to try for a while, but Las Vegas kept getting in the way, haha.

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