About Us

Thanks for taking a few minutes to check us out and get a little back story on who we are...it was back in the Spring of 2014 that 3 friends came together over a few beers and decided "hey let's develop some cool gear and carry some other legit stuff" ....so Kit Fox Outfitters was born in an Irish pub as most good things are.

Like most San Diegans we are transplants brought here by work and school and all of that fun stuff. Over the years we have gotten out and seen a lot of Southern California and met some pretty cool people along the way. So it was only natural as the "young hip" entrepreneurs we do something that we are passionate about, especially when it gives us the opportunity to fill some of the gaps left in the market by Big Box stores.  

"For professionals who adventures" this quote means a lot to us because we understand that work and life can be pretty busy and the idea of getting out on a good adventure might seem a little daunting. That is why our ethos revolves around getting out for a great weekend trip worth bragging about Monday morning and getting you the gear to do it. So we hope you don't just buy our stuff (please buy our stuff) but use us a resource for getting some info and creating some memories of your own.

So lets "Get The Fox Out There" throw a sticker on your stuff, if you see some Kit Fox swag out there say whats up. Send us some pics of you getting out there and we might just make you famous (ish)

Thanks Again!