Kit Fox Outfitters, February


This has been another busy month for us, we meant to get the blog going again in January after a long hiatus but here we are, haha. It has been busy here especially with all of the classes we have been teaching.



Our 16 hour wilderness first aid classes have been going strong, this month was our second class this year and we where stoked to have the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of rad folks at the Broken Oak Ranch (learn more about them here). It was being old friends and making some new ones as well!. It was really great working with staff members from Triple B Adventures a local non profit that takes veterans and active duty service members our hunting, hiking, fishing and camping (learn more bout them here). It was a lot of fun and we always enjoy training up those who take others into the outdoors.

Stop The Bleed

We continue to offer our Stop The Bled classes in our classroom at the shop and really enjoy meeting so many awesome members of our community. It's really neat to see people taking time out of their weekends to help make our communities a little safer. Plus its a fun and informative class so I hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoy teaching it!



We are a mom and pop shop and it's Steph Me (Colin 'Mac") or Colin Sr (Dad) running the counter. Its been great having Sr around lately and we really appreciate him taking the time to help us out by watching the shop so Steph and I can go get some adventures in too, that why we got into this business after all, haha. 

We also love our local Ramona community, and Steph and I had a fun little date night at Bingo night at the Ramona Senior Center and had the privileges of sponsoring one of the games on the behalf of Kit Fox Outfitters as well! Its a lot of fun and the proceeds go to helping the senior meals program at the senior center.


Steph signed up for the Wilderness basics course with the Sierra Club and has been enjoying the weekly classes and the campouts (learn more about them here)! She's had some experiences so far and has gotten to explore some really cool spots! Especially Anza Borrego, this time of year is the perfect time to explore with a great group!


I was able to sneak away to the Cucamonga Wilderness for a fun overnighter up to the Icehouse Saddle. It was fun to stretch the legs and get my first winter camp of the season and justify my gear purchases over the last few months haha. It was not to cold but might windy and it was a great experience that has me back down here trying to figure out my next trip.

MARCH (the month and the acronym)


March isn't just a month its also an acronym for emergency medicine:

Massive Hemorrhage




Hypothermia/Head Injuries

So, come join us for some classes and learn the skills that go with this acronym! 

16 Hr Wilderness First Aid  March 2-3 Sign Up HERE
Stop The Bleed March 23 Sign Up HERE
Stop The Bleed  March 24 Sign Up HERE


Trail Sticker

March's featured trail sticker is Potato Chip Rock, and oldie but goodie. Stop by the shop to pick one up for free while supplies last. If you can't make it by the shop they are only three dollars shipped and you can order them HERE

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