Going to be doing online sales for a little bit...

Good afternoon, sorry for the late blog post in the end of the week, it’s been a little hectic, ha-ha. So right now, we wanted to take a few minutes to go over our plans for the shop and how to get you anything you might need. First off, we are not a survival shop so unfortunately the mountain of Meals Ready to Eat and mountain of prepper supplies is nonexistent ha-ha. But what we are is a camping and outdoor shop and we might have some things that are nice to have if you want to take this opportunity to get a hike in or do some camping once everything settles down a bit.

So, what’s up with the shop? Right now, California is in a two week stay at home order and we are following the rules since we would love to think of ourselves and the outdoors as essential we are not so, it’s off to take a break and plan some trips for this spring and summer, plus go over our gear and make sure we are trail ready. That being said we started online and will be continuing to be there for you to get any gear you might need from us. So please feel free to check out the website.

If you have any questions or need to get a hold of us please feel free to reach out,

Phone 760-654-3296

Email Kitfox@kitfoxoutfitters.com

Facebook message is probably the fastest

Please continue to follow us on the website and on our Facebook and Instagram for up to date information and some cool content while you are trapped at home. We hope you stay safe and comfortable and look forward to seeing you on the trail.

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