Kit Fox Outfitters, March


March was a busy month here at Kit Fox Outfitters with us exploring the local deserts and teaching a few classes we kept our hands full. 



16 Hour Wilderness First Aid

We had another 16 hour WFA class at the Broken Oak Ranch in  Warner Springs and were "gifted" with some austere to really test our skills and add real world experience to our scenarios. Between the wind and rain our students didn't have to imagine to hard what kind of environmental issues might make providing care more difficult. 

One of the upsides was our new outdoor classroom a 10x20 foot wall tent which provided some much appreciated protection from the weather and a great staging area. We love the fact that every class we get more gear and provide a better experience ever opportunity we get.


MARCH isn't just a month it's an algorithm for providing emergency care, M massive hemorrhage, A airway, R respirations, C circulation, H hypothermia. Soooo we leaned in heavily this month and knocked out a few Stop The Bleed classes and CPR/First Aid!


Stop The Bleed

We had a great weeknight class with the San Diego Chapter of the American Alpine Club (Info Here) at the shop with the proceeds going to the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team.

On top of that we had our usual Stop The Bleed Classes with some familiar faces and new friends! 

CPR/First Aid

We love teaching in the community and traveling locally, one of our teaching opportunities was taking up a great invite from The Gym Ramona (Info Here) to teach some CPR on premise in there amazing facility.

We also had the privilege of providing CPR and First Aid for our local Girl Scouts (Info Here) at the Guy B Woodward museum (Info Here) here in Ramona!


Desert Fun


Taking advantage of the great desert weather Steph and I took the opportunity to get down and explore. Steph finished up her Wilderness Basics Course (More Info About Them Here) with a Trip down to Anza-Borrego for Flower Camp and some local exploring.

It was funny because at the same time I was across the valley fro her with my buddy Dillon and his son camping around the other side. We grabbed a quick over night trip for fun and it was cool hanging out with an old friend and his kid and sharing some cool spots with them.

At the end of the month Steph and I took a quick run down to Borrego Springs and got to explore their community garden and education areas which where super rad!


Super stoked to be getting in some restock and new products! Our shelves are full again with Klean Freaks (Check The Out Here) and they are back up on the website with some new scents as well too! Check them out on line or the next time you drop by.


We just got a ton of new stuff on so definitely check out the website and stop by often was we will be adding new gear constantly over the next few weeks.



For up coming classes sign up under Classes to get your spot while we have spots available.

Stop the Bleed April 6: FULL
Stop the Bleed April 7: Sign Up Here
16 Hr WFA May 11/12: Sign Up Here

Ramona Trail Challenge

The Ramona Trail Challenge starts this Month and its a great way to grab some new and old trail stickers while exploring the local area and taking advantage of some great offers from local businesses here in Ramona!

Trail Stickers

This month's Trail stickers and as a parttof the Ramona Trail Challenge, are The Ramona Grassland and South Clevenger.


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