Gerber Compleat

One of my favorite new trail gadgets is the Gerber Compleat, which is a very important tool for me since I like to eat. There are plenty of spoons and sporks for you hiking needs and for the longest time the favorite in my kit was a long-handled spoon. But as of late I have been trying to up my trail cooking game and the right tools for the job make a big difference.  

And for trail cooking and upping my game the compleat offers a lot of versatility when cooking beyond hot water in a bag. In a small package the compleat includes a spoon, spatula, spork and multi tool.  All of which nest together for ease of organization and carry.

The spatula has a serrated edge and silicone edge which is a high temp over molded edge.  This also acts as the nesting attachment and when you flip around the spoon marries up to make tongs. Tongs actually come in a lot handier than you think.

The spoon and sport are nice and while I can’t really write to much about a spoon and sport the upside of having both means you got a backup if someone forgets theirs.

The multi tool is a nice little bonus too, it has a bottle opener, veggie peeler, can opener and package opener. It takes up very little room and comes in pretty handy.

Coming in at 2.3 ounces and 7.75 inches long it doesn’t take up much room either.

All and all I’m really digging the Gerber Compleate and it has a spot in my trail kit now for food prep and food enjoyment. I suggest picking one up and upping you trail chow game.

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