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Junk on the Bunk

Junk on the Bunk, is a term that you either know or you don’t and if you do it brings back fond memories of prolonged inspections in uniform, ha-ha. By contrast social media and #FlatLayFriday might be something you look forward to.
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Base Camp

Base camp is a term used in the outdoor world to establish a semi-permanent home from which adventures begin. It is defined as a main encampment providing supplies, shelter and communications for personas engaged in wide-ranging activities, such as exploring, reconnaissance, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing and even in the film industry. It is essentially the home away from home and why this month I will be reviewing a few key points listed below on the importance of base camps.  

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Packing Gear

So my buddy Alex sends me a quick pic and a great piece of advice. What he pointed out was that puff style jackets can be packed into their own sleeve. While a lot of the newer jackets like this have built in pockets for storage. It's outside the box thinking like this that gets you thinking about some of the other aspects of packing for a trip.
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