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Backcountry Skills Classes

Exploring nature and the backcountry should be a fun experience for everyone. San Diego and Southern California offer a wide variety of opportunities for every one of all abilities.  One of the most important aspects of enjoying your self is a strong base of backcountry skills and a drive to constantly learn new things and then practice and reinforce the basics.

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Etowah Outfitters Mesh Under Tarp Shelter

I have been playing around with my Etowah Gear Mesh Under Tarp Shelter and have really liked what I’m seeing. I usually cowboy camp but when it comes to bugs especially from a particularly wet year I do enjoy a reprieve from being eaten alive.
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Recently I was asked by the CEO of Kit Fox Outfitters to start taking over the blogs posts and writing from my own perspective, experiences and knowledge of the outdoor world. Writing on anything from conducting gear reviews, trails to hike and campground recommendations. The blogs will be collaboration between the writer and the reader to both grow and take our outdoor skill sets to the next level. 
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