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Survival Starts at Home: Shelter

Survival Starts at Home, Shelter; when we are talking “survival” we love to jump right into the worst case and learn the cool skills (which are important) but the true mark of a backcountry pro is not having to use those skills because of things that they can control.

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Exploring Fire Roads and Truck Trails

Fire roads and truck trails are a great way to get your feet wet when it comes to back country travel and backpacking. Lately with all of the shutdowns I have been exploring local places I have usually overlooked.

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Brice Weaver Photography in Action

We have been friends with Brice from Brice Weaver Photography for a few years now and have always appreciated his work, he has been a featured speaker at our Camp Stories and has won a bunch of awards and has had his work published in some major magazines.

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