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Olicamp Ion Micro Titanium Stove

If you have taken one of my fire backcountry skills classes you have heard me rant about the need for packing a stove, we you will hear it again. Making a fire takes time and effort two things that can be critical to a trip.

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Esbit Pocket Stove

But what I think is even cooler bang for your buck wise is the Esbit Pocket Stove. They are around twelve dollars come with six solid fuel tabs.

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Solo Stove Lite

How I ended up with the Solo Stove Lite is kind of a backwards trip than how I usually buy gear. When getting new stuff, I tend to start small and build up, but I was so impressed by their larger fire pit which I have blogged about already I really wanted to play around with more of the brand. I figured since I already went big might as well go small and see how the Solo Stove Lite worked out.

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