Vanquest Dendrite Waist Pack

The “fanny pack” is back, and it’s cool again to be able to store extra stuff securely, outdoors people rejoice! I have been using my Vanquest Dendrite Large for a couple months now and am pretty stoked to have something new. For many years I had rocked a Patagonia fanny pack for jogging and quick trips, but the organization and size are the perfect balance for me.

Now why a fanny pack you might ask, well great questions; I’m one of those guys that’s always carrying a good amount of stuff in my pockets my Every Day Carry (EDC) isn’t crazy but it includes keys with a pocket knife, wallet, bandana, and a large cellphone in a case. Basically, from that list my pockets don’t always cut it especially if there is anything else, I might want to bring alone. Here in southern California we find ourselves in active wear a lot so gym/running shorts with elastic waist bands don’t always keep you pants up if your pockets are full and that if they even have pockets.

Another major upside to the Dendrite is secure storage with four zippered pockets so great for the beach too and points to secure stuff in an organized fashion in the main compartment. I also like the strap for the waist is made from seat belt material which is pretty neat and the fact it is adjustable around your waist and I’m not just talking about size, but you can move the load around depending on how you are sitting etc. I like this lot for when I’m riding my bike and want it on my back worth everything safe and secure but it’s still easy to get to when I need something. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the tan lines of a backpack for its great for these short walks or rides.

Another great use for the Dendrite is carrying concealed where legal, it has a large main compartment that holds a Glock 19 with a couple extra magazines fine. The main compartment has a divider and a hook and loop back so you can securely mount you weapon, that being said one of the draw backs is it is in the main compartment so you lose some utility since opening it up potentially exposes the weapon also while there is loop to tie to on the top of the pocket the bottom doesn’t have on so it makes using a kydex trigger guard a little cumbersome with the cord laying over the top of the weapon.

That being said Dendrite has become my go to around town, bike ride and short walk carrying solution for where to put my junk. It is extremely well built, and the design is well thought out. I like it so much I have two haha, it’s all about matching… For more information and the technical spec as well as picking one up click HERE. As always thank you for reading this far and checking out what we have to say hopefully we will run into you on the trail and we can talk more about it first hand or drop by the shop and check out one for yourself.


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