CDFW Lands Pass

There are many ways of enjoying our public lands and the outdoors, but it is important to “know before you go” when it comes to the different organizations who administer these places. There are multiple federal state and local agencies all with different rules and reequipments. Often times they share boarders with other areas so it is very possible to cross from one to another and the rules can change quick, sometimes even the ability to access these areas changes.

Today we are talking about the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and their Lands Pass.

“On lands pass properties, each visitor who is 16 years of age or older is required to carry a daily (1 day) or annual lands pass while on the property. Visitors who are carrying their own valid California hunting or fishing license are exempt from the requirement. School and organized youth groups (including accompanying adults), are also exempt.” -CDFW

Basically, the CDFW has properties that they manage for the publics use, most of their funding comes from hunters and anglers so the land passes where introduced to account for the funding need to support non hunters and anglers on these properties. The Lands Pass is a requirement and if you are caught without it can result in a fine from the fish cops CDFW.

Right now you might be thinking why don’t I just avoid these areas all together, that a good thought if you don’t have a pass or a license but your also missing out. Some of these areas are really neat or are between you and the end of you trip, that why the know before you go is so important in trip planning, San Diego County has a couple of these places. Aside from hunting some of the major upsides is they are often less crowded during non-hunting seasons and largely untouched by the usual trash and marks from high use areas, one of my favorite spots is the San Felipe Preserve that buts up to state park and federal areas with some great views of the back side of Julian.

So, the upside is there is also day an annual passes available but I would rather just get my hunting and fishing license. If you find yourself at one of these areas the signage will be up at trail heads and if you have cell reception you can actually get the pass online so all is not lost.  See below.

OnlinePurchase and print at home.

By phone: (800) 565-1458. Be sure to carry the temporary authorization number (TAN) provided to you by the sales associate.

In Person: Find a Sales Agent or a CDFW License Office


And for further information check out their WEBSITE for the down and dirty on the FAQs

The outdoors is for everyone and we think sharing this is important to properly support our local lands and not get a ticket. Another favor to ask to for those of us that hunt please check out what type of area you might be entering and check the hunting seasons for the area. We only get a few weeks a year depending on the species and appreciate your consideration for those hunting, its frustrating enough some times, ha-ha.

 As always hope this helped out and you learned something new about the outdoors and how better to enjoy them, than you for checking and we look forward to seeing you on the trail!

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