Lake Henshaw Turkey Tune UP

Last weekend was a fun little local adventure, we headed to the Turkey Tune Up held at Lake Henshaw this year. With Spring Turkey Season right around the corner, I jumped at the chance to check it out when our buddy Gary from the San Diego Hiking Network planned the trip. This was also nice for me because I dint have to plan or really pack a lot and I got to go along for the ride and enjoy the weekend at a place I have not camped yet.

I threw all my gear together and Gary came up to the shop since we were carpooling and after a short delay watching the shop for Mrs. KFO, we were off. The Lake Henshaw Resort is only like thirty minutes from the shop here in Ramona, so we made good time and our buddy David showed up just in time to set up camp. For a Friday the campground was kind of empty up top on the car camping area and there is a whole section of permanent residents who live there year-round as well. Across the road is access to the lake from the parking lot that sits in front of the general store and restaurant. They also have cabins, but this was a car camping trip.

We saw the lower camping area was closed off for the tune up and the other lower are3as where pretty full of trailers, so we headed up the hill and found out spot with a great view of the lake and valley. We were pretty far from everyone the car camping spots where level and had primitive fire rings and running water near by the only issue was we were kind of far from the bathrooms but no biggy. I headed to bed early Friday night but Gary stayed up with the gang, Tommy and Virgil came down from Julian to visit and hang around the fire for a bit.

“Of course I will be up at the crack of dawn to be at the tune up on time”, this was not the case, Gary made pancakes they were amazing we took our time and got there around eight forty five, the event goes from eight to noon but we didn’t miss out on anything to big. This was my first time attending and it was pretty cool, they had a few vendors and information booths and a food booth. Down at the circus tent they had a bunch of raffle items and during the event they had a bunch of different speakers from Fish and Game answering questions to turkey call demonstrations, very informative and lots of fun. It was cool to run into some friends there and catch up as well.

By the time noon rolled around we grabbed some burgers and headed up to the campsite to relax and split some firewood and try to dry it out by the time dinner was ready. Justin relaxed and read, Gary cooked and David and I split and staked wood, a great way to spend a Saturday.

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