Planetary Designs Airscape Lite

Back in June I ran into the gang at Planetary Designs at the Adventure Van Expo in Big Bear California. These guys have a bunch of cool stuff for the coffee and tea enthusiast and I picked up a couple things to test out at camp. One of those was the Airscape Lite patented food container that’s technology helps preserve your food while being durable and stackable so a major plus for camping and off-roading. 

They cone in three sizes and teamed up with the Overland Band the containers stay staked and in place even over rough terrain. The container itself is perfect for keeping ingredients, chips, and cookies or in this case dog food and treats un-crushed and fresh.  What the Airscape does to keep food fresh is go beyond just sealing the container and trapping air in but valve on the inner lid actually pushes air out and seals the contents. Another nice future about this is it is adjustable so you can add and take away contents, but the inner lid just slides up and down the container.  It’s also nice having the clear contains since you can monitor how much you have and grab the right one when trying to cook in low light or feed a hungry dog.

Speaking of on this trip the Airscape served the fur jerk well as her food bin and treat container on a local camping trip out in Warner Springs. I really enjoyed the ease of use and having the Overland Band to keep it all together especially while rifling through my gear.  Like I said it is clear and it is also uninsulated too so keep that in mind when storing it. With it being air tight one thing I need to still see is how well it holds up to water and if it would do well in a watery cooler. I normally use ice blocks so it isn’t a major issue but a nice to know.

All and all I was impressed with the ease of access organization and overall design.  I will definitely be picking up a few more in the near future to add to my camp kitchen and I really suggest them for pet food detail especially on the go they did really well!

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