Lone Pine Pheasant Club

At the end of January I had the opportunity to hunt at the Lone Pine Pheasant Club. After returning from Shot Show we had the amazing opportunity to get in a hunt prepared by the California Rifle and Pistol Club (CRPA) this fund raiser for youth hunting programs was a great opportunity to get in a hunt at a new club in one of my favorite areas. Joining us was Charlie and Justin from Triple B Adventures a nonprofit getting veterans hunting, hiking, fishing and camping. Triple B sponsored these guys so I was lucky enough not to have to hunt alone.

We arrived the night before and got into town a little later having driven through Death Valley from Las Vegas, news flash Lone Pine in January is cold so after getting our campsite we made it a point to take our time in town getting food and fire wood. Lone Pine is an awesome town but they roll up the streets around eight p.m. so keep that in mind when planning.

As for camping we stayed at Tuttle Creek campground, which was awesome because it is only eight minutes up the road from the club and was a great little camp site with vault toilets, plenty of room and very quiet which was nice since we had an early morning. Oh and the views are mind blowing but that goes for the whole area, I think it is impossible to take a bad picture there.

The CRPA fundraiser was a popular event; there were plenty of people there as we pulled up. Now I can’t speak for their normal hunts but for a group hunt fundraiser Lone Pine Pheasant Club exceeded every expectation I had. The property is absolutely gorgeous with the Eastern Sierras behind you and the valley bellow you can’t help but to be taken aback by your surroundings. The clubhouse its self appears to be the original ranch house with all of the charm that you would expect. Inside was warm the staff was friendly and welcoming plus hot coffee and pastries for the win.

We got checked in and the Club had clay stations set up so you could warm up before the hunt, I definitely suggest taking advantage of that opportunity…  We grouped up and had our safety brief then met Steve our dog handler and Cinder an amazing black lab. This club was huge at 800 acers there was ample room for all the hunters.

When we got to our field it was still pretty cold and most of the water was still iced over, I definitely suggest waterproof boots here especially once it began to melt off and the mud made for a fun challenge. The Lone Pine Pheasant Club is a working cattle ranch as well so we also had the local residence in our field making for a fun day. The fields where open and easy to navigate for the most part with small stands of trees and thorn brambles, making good cover for the birds on top of the grass.

This coincidently was Charlie and Justin’s first pheasant hunt and they did great job with new game. The birds where a little cold in the morning but as the day went they were flying great! Steve was awesome and as it turns out his parents where the original owners so we really lucked out! Cinder did great working the fields and we couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Throughout the hunt additional staff came by to check on us and grab our birds to take back up for processing. I really enjoyed this part because it cut down on carrying a vest of birds and they were ready to go when we got back. I have to say the CRPA really knows how to put on a fundraiser, when we got back we had plenty of time to catch up tell stories and enjoy a great lunch of some of the best elk enchiladas I have ever had, they even let me take some back to the wife. All this well having a raffle and a great end to an awesome day.

I have to say this is now one of my favorite clubs to hunt and can’t wait to get back up there, the location alone is worth it then we get to hunt there as well! One of the unique things about this location as well is the colder weather means they can stay open until May and I want to make it up there one last time to not only take advantage of the hunting but the awesome trout fishing the area has to offer. This is a hidden gem for sportsman!

So when you are reading this, don’t worry there is still time to book a great hunt and get in a trip to the Qwens valley where there is something for everyone in the family to do even if they are not hunting. Hopefully you make it up there when we are Getting The Fox Out There! As always thank you for taking the time to read our posts and I hope you check out the Lone Pine Pheasant Club.  


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