Death Valley Day Trip

The name alone drums up visions of austere conditions and a fight for your very survival, why would one willingly enter into a place as omnibus as this, well because it’s awesome.  At two and a half hours from Las Vegas and five and a half from San Diego Death Valley has a lot to offer. Granted us San Diegans will probably make it an overnight trip. From Vegas on our way to Lone pine we made an awesome day of it. If you’re in Las Vegas there is no reason you can’t make to the lowest point in the United States learn about the history of an amazing overland route to California and see some awesome sites.

So basically this is a no brainier, but I do have a couple helpful hints, first off you can do this in your rental there is enough adventure on the paved path you don’t need to worry about the rental car if you’re coming from Vegas. I would say though if you have not purchased your desert survival gear from Kit Fox Out Fitters, shame on you but don’t worry you’ll be just fine this time… That being said Pahrump NV is where you want to make sure you have a full tank of gas and the snacks sun screen and necessities you might want, it does not get cheaper as you inter National Parks, trust me.

The 190 is pretty much the laymen’s thoroughfare through Death Valley it’s a real paved road and no brainer to follow, there a plenty of side roads and adventures to be had but you are in a rental car coming from Vegas so no STAY ON THE ROAD. We like you so read another one of our blogs when it comes to off road in the desert, haha. The idea is to be prepared and have a good time, getting stuck and cannibalism is not fun so don’t do it.

So I’m not going to bore you with to much tourist stuff just the basics, cell phone coverage in the park can suck so grab or down load a map before getting to far into the park. Like I said before stock up before but if you have to buy in parks Furnace Creek is you first best and only bet for a day trip from Vegas.


Furnace creek has the shops, gas and so on. There is a great visitor’s center that really gives a great summation of the park without getting trapped down a dirt road with no supplies. The staff is awesome and helpful and if you’re feeling gamey there are some good campsites and Jeep rentals.

Now if when just driving through onto bigger and better things your nest best stop is Stove Pipe wells for gas and snacks, plus camping. Plus you get to check out the Kelso Dunes that are pretty awesome. Right off the road they are easily accessed and a great stop to stretch the legs and grab some pics, this place is great Instagram fodder.

All tis being said I think in the right conditions Death Valley is a great day trip or overnighter and I can definitely suggest it a s unique detour when traveling up eastern California or hanging out bin Vegas. Why not take some time to slide through and take in some great sites and Get The Fox Out There!

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