Laguna Mountain Man Rendezvous 2019

The Laguna Mountain Man Rendezvous Club is interesting group of living history reenactors in east San Diego County who specialize in muzzle loading and traditional marksmanship. So what are they reenacting what is a rendezvous, good question.

“Prior to 1825 at the end of the winters trapping season, the fur trappers had to carry their furs to St. Louis to be sold to the fur companies. They would then purchase the many supplies they would need for the upcoming trapping season and then begin the long journey back to the mountains.

General William Ashley of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company started the tradition of the rendezvous in 1825. He decided to bring the supplies to the mountain men thereby creating a monopoly of buying furs and selling supplies.

What began as a practical gathering to exchange pelts for supplies and reorganize trapping units soon evolved into a month long carnival in the middle of the wilderness. The gathering was not confined to just trappers; it also attracted Indians and travelers.” -Laguna Mountain Rendezvous

 Now this event is a lot tamer than the rendezvous of old but it is still a great family friendly event with great people from all walks of life enjoying a couple weeks of running the clock back to 1840, putting on their buck skins and enjoying some the good old days.

 I always enjoy making my way out there and seeing some old friends, while tempted to join and go full trapper I have enough hobbies right now and was told no on this for now but I will have a tee pee one day… But there are definitely some cool tents and tee pees like Runner’s (our buddy and local character). There were all kinds of cool old tents from pyramid and backer tents to classic canvas plow set up shelters. I really dig this event just to see the ingenuity and historical accuracy behind all of the camps.  

 Held at Mataguay Scout Ranch in Santa Ysabel out by Warner Springs in San Diego’s east county. It is a great way to spend an affordable afternoon with the family it was like a five-dollar donation per person and your scouts in uniform where free. Parking was a little cramped up front but not a big deal. It was cool parking and then walking up as you kind of walked back into time and began hearing back powder shooting and seeing everyone walking around all dressed up.

 One thing I noticed this year was a larger Traders Row with a lot of cool little pop up shops with a bunch of really cool period specific gear, leather goods and even an artist with some great work.  They even had a tent serving food like a little canvas restaurant, ha-ha.

 Next year we will try and share this event up again before it happens because it is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy and afternoon. It is a good two to three hours visit then head out for some lunch or explore some other cool areas of interest like the Warner Ranch House down the road.

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