Danner South Rim Boots

Unfortunately it is about time to retire my Danner South Rims, I have had them for around a year and they are beginning to wear down. For a lot of boots that might be a concern but to be honest I have packed a lot of miles under these boots, I climbed Mt Whitney in them, hiked the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and just completed a marathon with a forty pound pack as well as countless day trips and overnight trips in between. I’m actually a little emotional about seeing them go, sniff, sniff. 

My personal appreciation for the Danner brand started way back in 2000 when on a trip to San Diego for a three month vacation our Uncle Sam “gave” me a pair and I learned to love them. In my time in the Marine Corps I had a few pairs of Danner and always really loved them. Loved them so much that I got a pair of Danner Lights but while I loved them they did not love me. I tried really hard to break them in but it would not be, funny side story my buddy Rob bought me a pair of Asolos since he was tired of me tapping my feet. Well they can’t all be winners (I will get a pair and break them in, this isn’t over…)

But back on track, I was going somewhere with this, ah yes, basically I needed a pair of light hikers for the desert and dry season. I don’t like high tops and was looking for a hiking shoe since I destroyed my Merrill’s (another sad shoe tale).  Fortunately for me Danner has been expanding their brand and adding a lot of great depth to their inventory. So with the aid of the internet I ended deciding on the South Rims and took and chance and ordered shoes on line. 

I really was happy with them out of the box it was a great mixture between athletic shoe and boot.  So they were trail ready outside the box which was awesome especially when you are busy and don’t have all the time to really break them in.  They are perfect for the desert sand and my application; they have mid-top and large eyelets that are easy to lace on the go. I will pair them with a pair of trail gators like for First lights to keep sand and other junk out.  With my petite 6’3” 290 Lbs. frame my feet actually stay quite dry and very comfortable in them. Like I said in the beginning I have done a lot of hiking in them and the Vibram soles are awesome and have held up really well.

The only down side and main reason it’s time to replace them is the material is wearing down and the seams have busted along the top. The inside heal is also wearing down but hey that’s to be expected right!? This isn’t even the end necessarily of this pair I just can’t take them on long trips anymore and will probably use them for projects around the house.  I think with the materials that make them so light and wearable outside the box also lend for the wear compared to like a full leather boot. Although at $150.00 I’m not as heartbroken as if I had to replace $400.00 boots.

So for their price point and there workability I definitely suggest them to anyone who is hiking in hot dry climates. The Danner South Rims are a perfect San Diego shoe and are seasonally at home in the mountains as well as the desert. I suggest taking a look at Danner for these boots and take a look at their other stuff too they really have a lot of neat new stuff. Hopefully you do and we will see you out on the trail with them Getting The Fox Out There!

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