Visiting Michigan's Upper Peninsula

We had a great little get away this past week and shit down to go visit the in-laws in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This was my first trip to the U.P. and I have to say I absolutely loved it up there with the mild summer temps and the green, so much green! I was especially stoked because we go to fly into Sault Ste. Marie, so the planes, trains and automobiles was kept to a minimum.    

My in-laws live on an island which was pretty cool, especially since they are right ton the river and have a dock and a bunch of fun stuff to do on the water. This was actually my first-time stand-up paddle boarding which I did not do so hot at, but Steph took to quite well. Personally, I enjoyed the canoe and kayaks. It was a major change for us being right on the water and we really enjoyed it!

For the most part it was a really relaxing vacation so no major tales of adventure, but we did have a great time visiting and exploring the local area to include the museums and learning about the history of the area and the great lakes. I’m also a light house nerd so checking those out was pretty cool. The two day trips that really stood out to me was our trip to the Tahquamenon Falls and Munising where great.

Tahquamenon Falls is a state park with pretty much an upper and lower section separated by a short drive along the highway. The falls where pretty neat and very touristy and family friendly which made it easy and fun to get out but was also very busy. It was cool reminded me of the state parks growing up with the concession areas and picnic tables. The lower falls had boat rentals and a small island you could explore.

A short drive away was the upper falls and t was an easy walk to some pretty impressive falls. Lots of people and there where stairs down to a lower viewing area. All of this had the North Country Scenic Trail running through it. The major upside is there was tones of good food by the parking lot and we headed to the brewery for some lunch.

The next big day trip had us headed up to White Fish Point and the Ship Wreak Museum, this was a really neat area located at the old light house. I have to say the great lakes are impressive like looking at the ocean they reminded me of the seashore on the north east coast. We had an opportunity to walk around and explore before headlining to Munising.  

I was stoked to go there because of the painted rocks and the impressive cliffs. We headed to Munising first got some lunch and explored before heading to Miners Falls and a nice hike to see them. Then of to Miners Point and the cliffs, it is amazing up there! I really want to go on a kayak tour there the nest time I’m there.

I have to say I have fallen in love with the A.P., the people are great and its so green, haha. I’m sure I will find new challenges (BUGS) when I head out in the spring to hike some of the North Country Trail with family and friends. I supposes new challenges and exploring different places is why we do it so if I get eaten by bugs or find out what poison ivy is the hard way so be it, haha. I can’t wait to go back to the U.P.!

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