Solo Stove Lite

How I ended up with the Solo Stove Lite is kind of a backwards trip than how I usually buy gear. When getting new stuff, I tend to start small and build up, but I was so impressed by their larger fire pit which I have blogged about already I really wanted to play around with more of the brand. I figured since I already went big might as well go small and see how the Solo Stove Lite worked out.

The Solo Stove Lite is a great option for 1-2 people who are wanting to heat up water and do a little over the fire cooking. The ability to use local fuel like sticks and pine cones is pretty cool for some areas of the country but the down side for us here in Southern California is the constant fire restrictions so open flames from natural matter is a no go on many trails and the mountains here, but it is a great option for the desert and Anzo Borrego areas where metal containers are required for fires. Now picking up fire wood is a no go in the parks but one thing I have done in the past is cut up duraflame logs and they burn for a while and give a nice fire ambiance. Another great desert option is cooking when everyone is trying to stay warm around the fire pit trying to cook can be difficult, so steal some fire wood and get the fire going.

The fire is easy to get going and I have found the UCO sweet fire are a great lite and tinder for getting the fire going. The design is pretty neat since the gases are recycled and burned off for a hot efficient flame. The only hard part of getting that fire going is since it’s a small space the design it’s a little hard to get it lit sometimes so that’s where the sweet fire comes in. The lite drop and forget fire starter is a great addition especially when you want to get the coffee going.

Speaking of coffee, the Solos Stove Lite nests perfectly in the Pot 900 which holds 30 ounces or 900ml (hence the name). This is something you almost have to order along with the stove since it is so useful, and they were made for each other. Down in the desert in warm weather, I was able to get the water boiling in about ten minutes. The pot sports handles and a lid so it makes boiling water for your coffee or meals easy. Another upside is the carrying bag since let’s face the pots going to get dirty and soot will get everywhere but does clean off easily.

I have really enjoyed using the stove and pot combo and it has served me well this winter. I really think there are some upsides to this gear for car camping and the desert but wouldn’t really suggest it for the PCT or backpacking down here based on size and fire restrictions. Now they do have an alcohol burner you can use with it as well, but I have not used it yet and feel like a small backpacking stove might be better suited. But when you can have a fire and collect fuel the Solo Stove Lite is the perfect option for that.   

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have playing around with a new toy and fire and hope you will check out the Solo Stove lite, we are interested to hear what you have to say. Thank you for taking the time to check us out. As always, we hope to see you on the trail Getting The Fox Out There!

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