Shot Show 2018!

2018 is shaping up to be a very big year for Kit Fox Outfitters as we grow our company and bring new and awesome products to you! Probably the biggest news is Mrs. Kit Fox left her career in the Bio Techs to focus on KFO full time, I am extremely lucky to have married so well and to be able to get her talent, enthusiasm and drive full time. I also want to thank her employer for being awesome people who we both have learned a lot from and in many ways motivated us to make this leap.

So what better way to go all in then one of the largest outdoor and hunting trade shows in the country…Shot Show! Now well we don’t carry fire arms Shot Show is a great way to visit with many of our distributers look up new and awesome products all while having a blast in Las Vegas! The relatively short drive means we can fir in a whole lot of adventure on the way to Vegas this year we traveled through Joshua Tree the Mojave Preserve and exited though Death Valley and stayed in Lone Pine a couple of days. 

This year was also especially fun because I was wearing a couple of hats, CEO of KFO and as the Assistant Director of Triple B adventures a veteran nonprofit focused on getting Veterans Hinting, Hiking, Fishing, and Camping. We got to hang out with our buddies Todd and Dan from TBA as we worked on getting sponsors to help out ion our mission, which I have to say those two did an awesome job! This trip was a marathon let me tell you between travel and the show its self, if you took thirty seconds at every booth it would take you two days just to see them all.

So with that many booths, who did we see and what did we get…

This year we were very fortunate to be invited to a pre-show dinner with our friends for Hill People Gear. This is the exact reason we travel for this kind of thing, to finally meet this amazing company in person and shake hands. We had a great time swapping stories and talking shop. Their booth was on point and we got to take a look at a lot of really cool products we look forward to adding to the lineup this year such as the Ute backpack and Prairie Belt.

The team at Vanquest was awesome as usual and we got to sit down and place some orders for their Fatpacks and Maximizer Organizers to keep your gear ready and accesable, those bad boys should be on the website very soon as well as a sneak peek at their new Ibex Packs and the Markhor Pack which we look forward to having this spring!

As always it is great to visit with Yukon Outfitters our hammock maker and one of the first product lines we brought to the website. These are awesome people with a great company out of Tennessee where they make the hammocks. One great thing we walked away with was seeing some of their latest innovations that add a ton of utility top their hammocks. They basically eliminated the need for carabineers and the new cinch strap allows for better tensioning of the hammock. Additionally the hammock traps are removable allowing you to use your hammock as a ground cloth or sunshade or in the case of the camo variants a blind!  

One new line we are very excited about are the Gear Aid lights we ordered. The SPARK, ARC and FLUX are amazing lights putting out a significant amount of lumens as well as being able to recharge your USB enabled items ion the case of the ARC and FLUX. I have been using the ARC for the last year and love its versatility and durability. When we set up our mobile store over the weekend outdoors we use the ARC to power and lite it!

Last but not least we are extremely proud to add EXOTAC to our lineup, these products are high quality American made tools focused on fire staring. I have used them for years and am happy to finally be able to offer them to you. The best part is they are already up on the website and available for order! So after that piece of good news please take a minute to check them out you will not be disappointed.

Trade shows are always a fun and tiring experience and a great opportunity to get a lot of good work done in a short amount of time. I appreciate you taking the time to check out our recap and hope you keep your eyes open for these great new products as we add them this year. Because when you’re getting the fox out there we want to make sure you are doing it in style!  

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