San Diego Hiking Network, Youth Camp

I get out on a lot of adventures in some pretty cool places, but I will say it is nice to slow it down and car camp every so often. Last weekend was one of those amazing opportunities with our good friends from the San Diego Hiking Network. Gary who runs the network usually has us doing some fun trips backpacking in San Diego’s Backcountry and provides an excellent opportunity for new hikes, hikers that are new to the area of just want to get out and meet new people.

Although this trip had us at the Lake Henshaw Resort for a relaxing weekend with new and old friends for the Networks first youth camp. This was Gary’s idea to make the network a little more accessible especially to those with the kiddos. We have a dog, so this was a new and scary concept to me camping with kids… I have to say it was great to see such a fun and friendly group of people and the kids where awesome, instead of it descending into “The Lord Of The Flies” the kids all got along really well and had plenty of fun stuff to do. Gary’s wife Jess sent him with tons of cool activities and gear for the kids.

It was actually pretty easy adults hung around by the fire pits kids ran the campground haha, but it was really great getting to hangout catch up and meet some new people, plus the food was on point, thanks Gary. We had some legit full blown charcutier spreads for dinner and ate quite well, Saturday Jess and Suzie came by and said hi plus they brought pizza for everyone so score again. No one was going hungry this trip.

Saturday afternoon I got the privilege to teach a kid’s friendly shelter and signal class that was a lot of fun and had some great questions. The crew was awesome, and I think I had more fun teaching than they did learning. We played with signal mirrors, whistles and space blankets as we talked about strategies to not get lost and if we do how to get un-lost and stay healthy and happy while doing it.

I have to say relaxing and campfire time was a great departure from my usual backpacking, I’m learning its ok to be comfortable, haha. I want to thank everyone for coming out and making it such a great time for all. Definitely looking forward to the next trip and the next youth camp with San Diego Hiking Network. If you are in Southern California, check them out especially if you are new to the outdoors or SoCal!

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