Palomar Mtn Observatory Trail


Southern California does have seasons although sometimes you must drive to get to them. But the mountains like Palomar provide crisp fall air and colors as the tress begin to change. So, for this month’s featured sticker we are featuring Palomar Mountain and its iconic observatory.

David and I meet at Dudley’s Bakery an amazing bakery with great sandwiches consolidated cars at Sant Ysabel and headed up to Palomar on a nice fall day in the end of October. It’s a great drive out toward Warner Springs and Lake Henshaw. We were quickly driving up the mountain and towards the observatory.

The CalTec Observatory grounds are pretty cool when it is open but unfortunately it still looks like its closed so make sure you check before heading up there if that’s your main goal. But we found some parking and were looking for adventure.

It was nice finding the Observatory Trail, a 4.4 mile out and back that winds from the Observatory Campground up the hill though great views and neat moss covered rock formations.

It was Fall, and cool as the evergreens contrasted to the yellow and oranges of the Fall leaves, there was still plenty of shade over the trail and meadows to catch some sun.

The trail was well kept an easy to follow with some benches along the way, plenty of opportunities to take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch with your crew.

Although the observatory prober was closed you could see the large white domes of the telescope’s buildings from the trail, and it was still really neat to see while out and about.

That’s why we chose the observatory as our main theme for our trail sticker and October 2021’s free sticker. We offer a monthly free sticker featuring a different trail or area and all you must do to get one is show us a picture of you there at the shop, or you can buy one HERE for two dollars with free shipping.

Now with the observatory closed we will accept any pics of you on Palomar so don’t stress that too much just get out and have some fun on the mountain!

We hope you enjoyed a look into another great SoCal place to explore and hope to see you at the shop soon to get your sticker before the end of November! Don’t worry though we will have another featured trail and you can earn or you can always get one of the past stickers for two bucks.

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