Merry Christmas From Kit Fox Outfitters

Well, Merry Christmas to you and yours. Im sitting here Christmas morning enjoying and reflecting on what an amazing holiday season we have had. This was our First Christmas at the store up here in Ramona and it has been great.


Steph who always loves Christmas and decorating for it knocked it out of the park. Between the house and the shop, she had two pallets, ha-ha. Although I do get to take credit for the house lights, so I helped too. But in the store, she did such a great job of setting up a classic Christmas decor with garland and lights etc.

We had a great big old tree set up and this year we were stocked to add some seasonal décor for your tree as well. Steph scored some great ornaments from Old World Christmas and we really enjoyed sharing some outdoor themed ornaments with you. So, we have a pretty awesome tree at the store and now we hope you are relaxing around yours.

This was our first year getting to the Christmas tree lighting here in Ramona, speaking of Christmas trees. We really love this town and the great people who live up here. It was a fun time especially with the find the elf we participated in where kids of all ages go from store to store looking for the hidden elf. While this is going on they had a ton of other cool events going on and in spite of bad weather there was still a great showing.

It was such a great time meeting new friends and seeing old friends. We had a steady flow of people coming through all season and it was truly an awesome experience. That’s kind of why I’m writing this now, because I am just very thankful and appreciative this morning. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and wanted to say thank you.

Merry Christmas From Kit Fox Outfitters

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