Hill People Gear Mountain Serape

Southern California has some pretty mild weather year-round so when it comes to light camping and multipurpose gear I end up using my Hill People Gear Mountain Serape for nine months of the year. I have used mine well into the 30-degree range with a good bivey like the Trifecta bivey we carry. The up side of the mountain serape is its multiple uses from Poncho, Great Coat and Sleeping bag. This serape works great for wearing around the camp fire and staying warm while you climb into you bivey.

As a poncho it is loose and comfortable and can also be worn over your gear as well. This is great when hunting and sitting in one location or can be worn over your pack if you are hiking slow and don’t need to worry about sweating to much but need a little extra warmth. This is also a really provides easy access and airing out while standing around. The Hood features a zipper to adjust it for comfort and ventilation.

The Great Coat is another awesome feature the poncho can be brought around and zipped up partially to turn it into a coat. This is a better option when access is not necessary but staying warm is. The Great Coat “mode” Is still roomy and the perfect for sitting around the camp fire.

When it’s time to go to bed the three-quarter zip makes for a roomy and warm sleeping bag. This is especially nice in the summer when you want to keep your feet warm but also might want to open it up a little too. I’m 6’3” 270 and fit comfortably in this bad boy so I have been a real big fan. The only thing to keep in mind it to zip up the hood and cinch it down or you might have a breezy back door all night.


  • knee length greatcoat (zipper or hook secured)
  • insulated hooded poncho
  • blanket for two in a survival situation
  • half zip sleeping bag good for a 20-30 degree temperature gain

            It has the following features.

  • 66" x 88" - Note that the way the sleeping bag mode works makes this effectively much longer when in that mode. It will extend 12" past the head of a someone who is 5'10" and 220 when in sleeping bag mode.
  • DWR treated 70 denier mini-ripstop shell sheds snow and light rain
  • 2.4oz primaloft fusion insulation (US made primaloft gold)
  • YKK zippers
  • at 2.5lbs it is heavier than a comparable sleeping bag, but lighter than a comparable sleeping bag plus comparable jacket.
  • Weight: 2.50 lb
    Length: 0.75 in
    Width: 66.00 in
    Height: 88.00 in

Ultimately, I’m writing this as I’m getting ready to ack the Serape up for my next trip the Eastern Sierras this weekend. This has become my go to bag and I really enjoy the versatility it brings to my trips. This summer it’s a one stop shot and, in the winter, when I have to use a lower temperature bag my serape still comes along for the camp fire and enjoying the evening in general. Its big enough to fit a guy like me and my wife has grown to love hers. Take a look at them and remember when you are picking one up you are getting a versatile American made product that will last you for many adventures, mine has.


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