Gear Aid SPARK

The SPARK rechargeable LED lantern for Gear Aid is a great little option when trying to light up an area and go a little lighter than its two larger brothers the Gear Aid ARC and FLUX which both provide a bunch of lighting options as well as being able to recharge your devices. The SPARK unfortunately cannot recharge your device but it make up for that in being a durable lightweight option for camp, where ever that may be. We have uses the ARC and FLUX for years so giving SPARK a try was a no brainer.

The spark doesn’t use disposable batteries so major plus it recharges with a micro USB cable so you could even charge it off of your ARC or FLUX. Its fifteen LEDs are adjustable and kick out a lot of light. With the adjustable settings this bad boy can last between five hours and twenty five hours. The output ranges from twenty five to one hundred and sixty lumens. On my last campout I left it on all night with the low setting and it made for a nice affect.

It has a neat little built in kick stand so you can prop it up or easily hang it with the rubber hook attached to it for direct lighting. Another cool option about theses lights is the diffuser bag it comes with so it stores well with its charging cable but the bag when hung from it turns the lights into great little camp lanterns with a soft glow and these are often a favorite of ours out here since we can’t have fires the Gear Aid lights make a great filler for that roll. The versatility of the design also allows you to attach it to Tripods, Gear Aid, RAM and GoPro mounts (GoPro and RAM mounts sold separate).

All and all for the price (around $50) versatility and durability the Gear Aid SPARK is a convenient way of providing additional light of you camp and other outings, either in your bag or in your car you want a spare light like this handy. 

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