Fall Hiking

I guess this is a little late but not because we are based out of San Diego and all so seasons really is not our thing. Alas summer has come to an end and we are starting up fall. Upside if anything though that means some cooler temps and more hiking!

I know we all know this but let’s talk about some of the considerations we might have for hiking in the fall out here or anywhere for that fact. First dump out your pack, it was a great summer you had a blast but it is time for an inventory and to replace you batteries and other perishables. Why are we doing this because it’s easy to forget the fall is the fall and it has a lot of considerations to take into before hitting the trail. Fall here can be deceiving with the weather in the 80’s or 90’s we can still stay in summer mode when stepping off.

Yes the days are hot and you still need a ton of water because it’s still hot out and at the end of the summer most of our seasonal water sources are gone. We lucked out and got a butt ton of rain and had water for day’s this spring, now not so much, sounds obvious but got to say it.

So we have our water let’s also make sure we have some calorie dense snacks on top of our salty snacks too. While making sure you are getting enough salt, notice it might be getting a little cooler too? Yup the sun goes down earlier and it is getting dark and cold, energy is good.

Yup that hike you did all summer totally easy no brainer after work every Tuesday, yeah the sun set now. So aren’t you glad you changed out your batteries at the begging of this post. Truth is its going to get dark and get dark fast and you’re going to misjudge the distance or time and have to walk back in the dark not a big deal at all, even less of a deal with a working head lamp. Of course you know this but you will be prepared to help the other guys and gals down Iron Mountain.

Yup dark also means cold and you will be, especially when sweating to the oldies up the hill now it’s a little chilly. Not a big deals because you brought a jacket or wind breaker. Having the ability to get yourself out of the wind and keep form freezing is awesome and you will thank you for bringing it.

I know totally awesome you did it and are back at your car, obviously you survived and you would have without any of this but it just would not have been as much fun, right? Thanks for checking out our blog and taking the time to read it. Happy and safe hiking form us here at Kit Fox Outfitters and hopefully we run into you on the trail, Getting The Fox Out There!

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