Exotac titanLIGHT Lighter

There are a ton of different options when talking about starting a fire, even when you try to whittle it down to something as simple as a lighter it can get interesting quickly. How many types of lighter are there? You have liquid, gas, mechanical spark ignition, and electric or piezo ignited. This all come with their benefits and draw backs.

For instance a gas lighter with an electric ignition can be awesome for its constant jet like flame that allows you to direct and really keep the heat on. Some obvious down sides are its water resistance durability and performance at higher altitudes. My major issue had been the loss of performance at higher altitudes, so what is my other option?

The venerable Zippo™ style, it was good for grandpa and he fought in the war! But some major disadvantages especially in the desert are just how fast the fluid evaporates. I used to actually carry a small back up reservoir for just that reason. Then I found the peanut lighters, same concept as the Zippo™ in function but incased in a container with an “O” ring to keep the fluid from evaporating off. Unfortunately the small size and lack of craftsmanship for most of these made it more of a novelty than something functional for my kit.

Well problem solved with Exotac’s titanLIGHT™. The second this came out I bought one, it combines form and function for a large heavy duty body with reliable machining so the lighter stays air tight. Machined from aluminum in the USA this lighter has been my new go to for filling my kit, I really only refill it once every three months and have had it light every time for me. As for performance at altitude it lit right up for me at the summit of Mt. Whitney this July (14,500 feet). This is by no means an ultralight option but more of a hard use heirloom quality lighter worth the investment.

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 Strikes per flint: Up to 500


The titanLIGHT™ uses patent pending air vents below the flame to reduce wind disturbance along with a flame guard that is designed to provide maximum protection against wind gust. A small screw-off cap on the bottom of the lighter body is used to both refill with lighter fluid and to service the wick. The flame guard can also be removed without tools by press the small brass pin through while holding the flame guard down.


  • High-Spark flint wheel
  • Waterproof to >1 meter
  • 1-revolution quickTHREAD™ cap
  • Convection assist combustion
  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Easily replaceable flint
  • Lanyard attachment location
  • Flame guard
  • Lighter fluid not included 
  • Made in the USA

In closing, Either as a gift or an addition to your own kit the Exotac titanLIGHT™ is a great American made piece of gear that we not only use but are proud to carry at Kit Fox Outfitters. If you have any questions please let us know by shooting an email and we are always happy to help out when talking gear. As always thank you for taking the time to check us out and we hope to run into you “Getting The Fox Out There”! 

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