Dusy Ershim

So we did a back to back off road adventure through California, the first half was the Rubicon Train and you can read about it here RUBICON TRAIL and RUBICON TRAIL PT2.

After wrapping up our adventures in auto repair (you really need to read the Rubicon story if you have not) we headed south down the mighty highway 99. It was interesting to be back on the highway crusing down central California to our next stop. Today’s portion of the trip had us going to Shaver Lake a popular spot with my friends where the vacation often. It’s funny because I grew up on the central coast but other than Yosemite, I never really visited the western sierras, so this was a cool treat.

Just above Fresno we hung a left leaving the valley and driving up through golden grass and oak covered hills. We pulled into the parking lot of a local grocery store and lucky for me there was a CVS, why lucky well I was starting to feel a sinus type cold coming, future me would be very glad I loaded up on meds.  The gang was finishing up shopping and I’m pretty sure Nov got a pretty righteous coon skin cap. The sickness was setting in.

The drive up was nice and you entered the mountains pretty quick as we headed into the Shaver Lake area. Unfortunately, because of a misunderstanding we ended up staying at a different hotel than the rest of the gang. Fortunately, we ended up staying at Shaver Lake Cottages at the Point, which was pretty cool, first off, the cabins where pretty legit. I think we stayed at the bear themed one and it had a separate bedroom and little kitchenet area so pretty nice newly renovated cabin.

Rob talked to the crew and they rolled over from their hotel because as it would turn out we had the whole area to ourselves and it was an awesome forest setting with lake views. It was a nice place to relax for a bit and hang out and have a couple drinks and dinner. The drink of the evening and it was bourbon. When I get sick, I will have some bourbon, I was getting sick.

So, the morning was a little rough and I was in full sinus cold mode always a great thing to have going on a vacation. Unfortunately, the bourbon did nothing to kill the cold, this is my punishment… I packed up and loaded myself into the Jeep thankful Rob was keeping us on schedule. We checked out of the hotel and began the drive up to the trail head by this time the cold was getting really bad and I was really not feeling it. Luck for me Rob would poke me awake for key moments worthy of documenting.

So as we climbed the initial hills into the mountains and up the trail I was not a happy camper but this isn’t necessarily a ride you can get off of. Sinus cold and altitude on a black diamond trail is not advisable and day one’s time on the trail consisted of getting shook awake and then falling back asleep. The Marine Corps had taught me to sleep in any climb and place, I still thank them for that specialized skill. As for like a cool story day one I guess the Dusy Ersim is best described as a bumpy nap with major congestion and sinus pressure.

By the time we made it to camp I apologized for being anti-social and found the two nearest trees I could set up my hammock, I was probably a pretty pathetic site to see, I don’t do sick well.

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