Desert View Trail

Desert View Trail (More info here) on Mt laguna in the Cleveland National Forrest is a great way to really take in what San Diego has to offer when it comes to the outdoors. With amazing views of the desert below and Anza Borrego you get to hike along the edge of the mountain though chaparral and into the fall colors and pines. The scenery and easy access make this a trail worth checking out.

A couple of added bonuses are the Desert Overlook which we have created one of our trail stickers (pick one up here) for and the picnic area with tables fire rings, trach cans and bathrooms (parking here requires an Adventure Pass). So, with easy access from the Sunrise Highway, you have a couple of great jumping off points. Another great thing about Mt Laguna is the general store and restaurants as well. This is a great trail for hikers of all experience levels.

IF you are looking for a little more distance the trail also crosses paths with the Pacific Crest Trail so you can get some miles in if you want, ha-ha. You are also by Burnt Ranchita Campground and parts of the trail has some easy access to water which is a very nice thing up there.

When we recently went you could feel the fall weather and it was quite comfortable hiking along and seeing the leaves begin to change. We went south and into the trees enjoying some shade and a relatively “flat” trail stopping to take in the views and talk to fellow hikers.

This can also be a fun area when the snow comes but make sure you are prepared for it, the weather can get pretty nasty up there during storms. But Mt Laguna during the winter is a whole other blog, ha-ha. So now is also a really good time to get some exploring in and knowing the area a little better for some winter fun.

We hope you will get a chance to check this trail out and let us know how you liked it!

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