Coast HX4 Light

The Coast HX4 has quickly become one of my favorite Every Day Carry (EDC) tools. My father in law told Mrs. Kit Fox about the brand and she pushed me to check them out, glad she did. Coast is an awesome brand of American made flash lights located up on the Pacific North West, they are already on the right coast and American made, we were definitely checking them out and we did. In fact we are adding the Coast brand to the Kit Fox Outfitters lighting lineup.

So why am I so enthusiastic; well the Coast HX4 really got me hooked, at first I was just playing around with it but it has really grown on me it is light and small but puts out a lot of light. I barely know it is in my pocket at just over three inches long and under two ounces it easily makes the cut for EDC. It runs on two AAA batteries so feeding it is cheap and easy compared to some other options out there. 

The LED light is pretty bright at 80 lumens and offers a white or red option if you want to try and maintain your night vision. The HX3 version offers a white or Ultra Violet (UV) option if you find yourself checking IDs or looking for scorpions. With the two AAA batteries and LED lights you can expect around three hours had forty five minutes of light according to Coast although I have had mine of a month now and have not had a need to change them out and that after a couple camping trips.

Speaking of camping trips the mounting options for the HX4 are great. It has a standard clip which fits MOLLE straps and most importantly also clips on to the bill of my hat! I love this because while I don’t mind wearing headlamps I like wearing my hat bill forward which just doesn’t work all that well with standard headlamps.  The head is adjustable and swivels 180 degrees so you can aim it at what you want to see. I think though one of the coolest features is the magnets in the clip so you can mount it on metal surfaces! I can’t think of all the times that would have been an awesome help when working on my jeep or trying to do some project here or there.

The only issues I see is it is weather resistant, not water proof so while you are good to go just don’t submerge it and you should be fine. One suggestion I would make too is to add a guard to the switch as it has bumped on in my pocket form time to time. But even with these minor considerations I still carry the Coast HX4 every day and think it is a great go to EDC light. As always we hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing it! We hope to run into you while we are testing gear and Getting The Fox Out There!


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