Brice Weaver Photography in Action


We have been friends with Brice from Brice Weaver Photography for a few years now and have always appreciated his work, he has been a featured speaker at our Camp Stories and has won a bunch of awards and has had his work published in some major magazines. So, when he offered to let me tag along on a shoot I jumped at the chance.

We set out to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills over the Fourth of July weekend for some desert camping and photography. We would be going to Mobius Arch and grabbing some night shots as well as scouting out some other areas. Friday was not a bad day to drive traffic wise and we made it up pretty quick, this is where after setting up camp I was to gain a new appreciation for photographers.


The Arch was close to our camp and an easy hike in, we waited until it was a little later and made it in about an hour before sunset. I learned the waiting game… Lots of hikers, families and photographers. It was cool to watch Brice in his element; a simple picture is not so simple, and this was apparent as Brice was working on angles and grabbing shots and planning his set up.

As the sun faded so did the groups of people, this was when the pros stayed, and it was cool to kind of start seeing the difference in style and effort. We essentially drove up her for this shot and it was getting done right. Ultimately it was us and two other photographers there and they were all working together to light the arch and sharing tips and tricks while chasing the best angles. They literally worked for hours on getting the moon right and the process that went into making the perfect pic.

I can definitely say that I now have a better appreciating for the work that goes into the art, and I mean art that Brice does. This was an eye-opening trip and a great glimpse into the process. I’m really appreciative to have been able to go and can’t wait to tag along in the future.

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