MSR’s Talus series trekking poles are a unique departure from the pack, with older style trekking poles we have seen an evolution from tubular poles with screw down locks to oblong poles with the lever type friction locks. These designs have served the hiking community well providing much needed stability and support, especially for fat guys with bad knees. A shout out for these necessary tools goes out to my first a Leki hiking cane that later met its demise at the mouth of a young German Shepard. The cane turned me on to the idea of having a third point of support and helped with rocky trails and downhill portions


 Having the excuse to get a new set of poles the wife and I shared a set of Black Diamonds which was great the only problems being one sharing outdoor gear can cause friction in a relationship so being the awesome guys I am, I did the right thing and bought the new trekking poles I wanted if only to give you my reader my thoughts on this product. Yes thought full as ever.  






 Sooo, here we go. What sets these poles apart is their robust manufacture; they have been designed for hard use by backcountry hikers with a lot of gear. Most importantly though is the trigger release for on the fly adjustment on the trail.  It really is a buy once cry once scenario where when you are finally of the dirt road and in the mountains or uneven terrain that you appreciate adjusting a short and long, back to normal or all the way down for storage without the hassle of previous trekking pole designs. I know one of those things that might not sound like a big deal reading this on you tablet or phone but definitely a “hey this is pretty awesome’” on the trail.


 MSR makes two types the of the Talus the TR-2 that is a two piece and the Talus TR-3 wait for it… yup three sections. I see plus and minus to both sides the 2’s less to go wrong and the 3’s more compact, I have the threes so I won’t speculate any further.  The TR-3’s have been great for me the last couple times I have used them from snowshoeing to fire road walks the performed great providing a sturdy adjustable platform, the snowshoeing was at Mt. San Jacinto with steep hillside trails were I took advantage of the on the fly adjustment. The only major take aways I have from them is I have one that has a little friction to it when adjusting, resulting from me using it to prevent me from falling and with my petite frame understandably there might be a little bend, extremely well built not indestructible.  When adjusting the pole be careful about depressing the trigger and yanking like a chain saw as the poles will come a part, kind of taking away from all of the convenience I have been talking about.  Finally if you are going into the snow they do not come with snow baskets so make sure you order some of those too.


  • Trigger Release One-Handed Adjustment:One-handed, on-the-fly pole-length adjustments provide the fastest, easiest response for matching terrain.
  • SureLock™ System:Positive-locking mechanism delivers the confidence of absolute no-slip performance.
  • Ultralight Strength:Light, strong and reliable 7,000-series aerospace-grade aluminum construction.
  • Ergonomic Grip:Works with a broad range of hand sizes, and ergonomic, ventilated straps deliver breathability in warm climates.
  • Effortless Swing:Low-profile adjustment mechanism high on the pole reduces shaft weight for a uniquely effortless swing.

Color        Basalt  

Weight            1 lbs 6 oz / 625 g        

Length, min     (L) 45 in / 115 cm  (S) 41 in / 105 cm

Length, max    (L) 55 in / 140 cm  (S) 51 in / 130 cm

Collapsed length  (L) 23.6 in / 60 cm (S) 22.4 in / 57 cm

Material(s)      Aluminum       

In the end I completely recommend, use and will continue using these trekking poles, while they are not free, nothing worth using probably is. MSR is a legit company whose gear I have used for years and these trekking poles are a great addition to mountain of outdoor gear I know we all have and love.


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  • Mac says...

    Muchas gracias por sus comentarios, y tomando el tiempo para visitarnos. Me disculpo por la respuesta tardía y mi masacre de la lengua española.

    December 06, 2016

  • Marge says...

    Thats some great pair of trekking pole you got there. Im trying to search for the best or rather, a fine pair at some trekking reviews sites. So I might want to make this to the list.

    May 26, 2016

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