LuminAID PackLite 16

This week’s gear review has us taking a look at the LuminAID PackLite 16, first off this little guy is pretty cool when it comes to the outdoor lighting scene for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is bright
  2. Solar powered
  3. Water proof
  4. Packs small
  5. Makes a great pillow in a pinch (more on that in a minute)


Last weekend found us doing a little hammock camping up round Mt. Laguna (a favorite test area for us) for a quick overnighter. What the LuminAID 16 is great for is a long lasting lantern which lights up your camp area pretty well, especially when navigating your way back to your hammock at two a.m. Going through the trees and bushes and the inevitable circus performance of climbing into your tree swing (hammock) after a cold beverage or twelve. I turned this bad boy on at eight p.m. and had a great soft area light all night. Of course necessity being the mother of invention, I improvised it into a pillow and it continued its usefulness all night.

So what is it exactly, the LuminAID 16 a pocket sized solar powered LED light that when inflated provided a light portable and relatively bright lantern to supplement your illumination needs. The weight is negligible and it packs down small making it a great piece of gear. As for the factory information here we go…

  1. 65 Lumens on the extra bright setting
  2. 7-10 hours of sun light to recharge
  3. 30 hours of LED light on LOW setting
  4. 2 year shelf life before needing to recharge
  5. Four brightness settings including the emergency flashing
  6. Waterproof, floats and is fully submergible IPX 7 rated (This is for full water immersion. If you drop your device in water up to 3 feet (one meter.))
  7. All Weather high efficiency panel charges in overcast conditions
  8. 10,000+ lifetime hours of rechargeable battery
  9. Charge indicator turns green when charged

So, there are a lot of features in this little package, and well, our test was not anything scientific at all. We were able to test out most of its features and were really impressed by the performance. As for the charging it has yet to fully charge for me after the trip but in all fairness it has been sitting on a shady window sill for a little bit and to its credit, still turns on and stays bright, so I would suggest placing it in as direct sunlight as possible for charging.

All and all a great addition to my bag and if you see me out there ask to check out the LuminAID because I will have it on me! As always thank you for taking the time to check out this gear, the blog and our website, until next time cheers and happy hiking!



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