Outdoor Retailer

 Last week’s adventure took us to beautiful Salt Lake City Utah for Outdoor Retailer’s (OR) summer presentation. For those of you that might not know OR is the outdoor industries semiannual A#1, super awesome trade show with one going in the winter and one for the summer market. Now my mastery of the English language can do no justice when attempting to describe this place, basically it is the greatest gathering of outdoor equipment and people I have ever seen…

  We flew in Wednesday at pretty mush went straight to the show for what felt like a 96 hour blur of checking out great gear and  meeting even better people. Almost every aspect of the outdoor industry was represented their form many major brands to a    ton of really innovative up and comers. And well the gear was the reason we were there the great people that we met were  really the highlight of the trip. Trying to retell the tales of OR on my blog here would crash the website but if you run into us we  would be more than happy to have a beer or two and recant tales of OR.

 Oh yea so all this talk about OR and all the really cool gear we saw as well as up and coming stuff we plan on getting for you guys… Well I couldn’t possibly put it down here especially without playing around with it first! So I highly suggest you check back by the website an our Facebook page once a week as we will be playing around with and reviewing something cool and new every week for the next month.




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