2020 Has Been A Year

2020 has been a year… Like we are almost two weeks into 2021 and I’m like trying to do the Happy New year wrap up and looking forward and I am looking forward and being positive but jeez. I know for all of us we were in different boats in the same storm and we are still in it. We have suffered major losses and made some great triumphs.

We are still morning the loss of our very dear friend Rob, who has been one of our greatest supporters since day one and a great friend going back to my time in the service.   He was a great husband, father and friend who served our country and will be deeply missed.

 know many of us have been affected and by the shutdowns and COVID. We know this has been a stressful year for us all Globally, Nationally, locally and with our families. The stress and uncertainty is still here too, it’s not like we hit the New Year and it’s all over. We are not a huge business we are family owned and wear many hats hence the lack of blogs and social media the last month and a half and while I wish sometimes we had a marketing department to take care of this, I’m here now trying to find the words for this post, it’s not easy.

But we don’t like easy or we wouldn’t do the things we do. We have to get back on the preverbal trail and keep on keeping on. I guess the analogy I’m thinking of is being on the trail when it gets hard, the weather changes, you get an injury etc. you need to know when to reach out for help and when to take some down time and when to put you pack back on suck it up and start hiking because siting in one spot doesn’t get you to your destination. What I love about the outdoors is the fact nature is neutral and doesn’t care. It’s up to us to complete our journey.

For me nature and the outdoors have been very important in keeping things in perspective and staying grounded. The last year and for the foreseeable future how we enjoy the outdoors is constantly evolving in how we get out there and enjoy it. We need to be flexible, adapt to changes when we go out. We need to be even more responsible, prepared and empathetic to those around us. That being said we can’t give up on challenging ourselves and setting goals, we need forward progress.

In our capacity we are here to help you get outside, explore and accomplish goals and get a win. As a business we have had to be flexible and adapt, that has impacted some of the ways we do things and services we provide. I want to take this moment to thank you so much for your understanding and support, it really means the world to us and we can’t do any of it without you, you are amazing (after all you have read this far haven’t you, ha-ha).

We are choosing to be optimistic, positive and look to the future. We will continue this journey and look forward to seeing you along the way. We want to wish the best to you and your families. As always and we can’t say it enough thank you.

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