NAR Wound Packing Gauze

North American Rescue

$ 6.00

North American Rescue’s Wound Packing Gauze is a compact, easy to use, Z-folded gauze designed for both linear wound packing and basic bandaging. NAR’s Wound Packing Gauze can be used to control hemorrhage when applying direct pressure utilizing wound packing techniques, in conjunction with a compression bandage, as backing gauze for hemostatic dressings, or for minor wound bandaging. Its low cube space requirement and rugged, durable vacuum sealed packaging make it easy to fit in both individual first aid kits and medic kits. The gauze is sterile and pliable, enabling it to be easily handled during patient care and to conform to wound shapes for best results.

Special Features:  

  • Soft, white gauze is 1-ply, 3 in. x 5 yd length
  • Indicated for use as a Wound Packing Gauze
  • Includes embedded X-Ray detectable line
  • Z-fold packaging configuration allows controlled application as a complete unit or in a continuous linear feed
  • Used as a packing gauze for wounds, as a backing gauze for hemostatic agents, in conjunction with a compression bandage to control hemorrhage, or for minor wound bandaging
  • Dimensions Packaged: 3 x 2 x 1 in (7.62 x 5.08 x 2.54 cm)
  • Dimensions Gauze (1-ply): 3 in x 5 yd (7.62 cm x 4.57 m)
  • Weight Packaged: 1.2 oz (34.01 g)

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