Bottle Holsters

Hill People Gear

$ 35.00

Insulated snug fit PALS mountable bottle holsters. 

A slim and trim insulated water bottle holster. It mounts directly to PALS with an integrated mounting system that is lightweight and offers "sewn on" performance. Features include:

GI 1 Quart (qt.) Size:

  • Sized for use with the GI 1 qt. canteen size. This is the best shape for carrying a quart of water bar none. Nalgene produces a very nice canteen to the same dimensions called the Oasis.
  • Will not fit a standard 1qt nalgene.
  • Will not fit a canteen cup
  • 3 oz. weight
  • Bungy retainer
  • Takes 3 channels and 2 rows
  • Perfect for mounting on your waist belt, or the bottom sides of your pack
  • Can serve as a "wand pocket" for packs that don't have them

"Bike Bottle" / 16 Ounce (oz.) Size: 

  • Designed for use with the "bike bottle" size. This is the size that will fit 16 oz. Nalgenes, 16 oz. Gatorade bottles, tall and short bike bottles, and many off the shelf disposable water bottles.
  • 2.2 oz. weight
  • Bungy and cordlock adjustable retainer
  • Takes 2 channels and 2 rows
  • Good for those situations where PALS space is at a premium, or a 1 qt. is just too much

Both the GI 1 Quart and "Bike Bottle" 16 oz will go on the following:

  • Palspocket
  • Prairie Belt
  • Recon Kit Bag
  • Tarainsert
  • Ute

Mounting Bottle Holsters

Step 1 - Hold the holster upside down and thread the metal tri - bars through the PALS slot. In some cases, you may need a pair of needle nose pliers to thread them through.

Step 2 - Flip the holster over so it is right side up on top of the metal tri - bars.

Step 3 - Fasten the slik clips to the pals on either side of the holster. Be careful during this step. This is the only time that we've ever seen slik clips break - trying to thread them through something when they're open.

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