Ground to Air Signaling Sticker

Kit Fox Outfitters

$ 3.00

While adventuring out and about, the ability to signal and communicate in an emergency is vital. Especially down here in the Southwest region of the United States there are two things, a lot of desert and a lot of air traffic. The ability to identify yourself as being in distress from all of the other cars and camps can be paramount. So with out sounding all "every time I go out I am going to die", we take an approach of  "rather have it and not need it", plus it looks really cool on your water bottle and weighs next to nothing.

That being said, the signals may look a little different than some you might find on the inter-webs. We did a little research and pulled these from the FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) google this bad boy and check out page 6-2-7. The AIM actually has a bunch of other really cool stuff that does not hurt to know. After all, it never hurts to know what the guys and gals that are rescuing you will be looking for.

(*This is our first run of stickers and the word proceeding has a space so it looks like "procee ding", this way these stickers will be worth a lot of money once we make it big so buy them now as an investment)

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