FlipFuel® Fuel Transfer Device


$ 40.00

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Consolidate your backpacking fuel with the FlipFuel® Fuel Transfer Device. This ultra-lightweight, durable gadget allows you to transfer isobutane fuel between canisters, allowing you to top-off before a trip. The fuel transfer device supports isobutane fuel canisters. The precision-engineered aluminum alloy with brass fittings and a trail weight of just 1.4 ounces (39.7 grams) make it a backpacker's essential. 


  • Efficiently consolidates isobutane fuel
  • Ultra-light design at 1.4 ounces (39.7 grams)
  • Sturdy aluminum alloy with brass fittings
  • Backed by a replacement guarantee


  1. STEP 1 - TEMPERATURE DIFFERENTIAL: Place receiving canister in the freezer, ice chest, cold stream, or cool shaded area. Place sending canister in the sun. 
  2. STEP 2 - THERMODYNAICS: Wait 10 Minutes. This creates a temperature differential that facilitates the fuel transfer. 
  3. STEP 3 - CAREFUL, DON'T CROSS-THREAD: Thread canisters onto FlipFuel® device. Sending canister on top ("OUT") side, receiving canister on bottom ("IN") side. Hand tighten.
  4. STEP 4  - FUEL TRANSFER:  Open valve to transfer fuel. Once fuel transfer is complete, close valve and detach isobutane fuel canisters. 


How do I recycle the empty fuel canisters?

Once you've completed the fuel transfer and the fuel canister has fully emptied, you punch a hole in the canister. This allows the canister to be recycle via most local programs. 

What kind of fuel can I transfer with FlipFuel®? 

FlipFuel® was designed to transfer fuel for backpacking canisters. These canisters are small, lightweight, and threaded the same. Only transfer like fuel from one canister to another. 

Does this device work with all fuel canister brands? 

FlipFuel® fuel transfer device supports backpacking isobutane fuel canisters. They need to be threaded canisters. 

Won't this device just equalize the contents and pressure between the canisters?

Good question! And the answer is: No, there are a few quick steps that will make your fuel flow from one canister to the other. Check out the 45-second video for fuel transfer instructions (see above). 

Is it possible to overfill a canister?

Yes. And it might make the canister perform differently when in use. So, it is always best to weigh your fuel cans before and after fuel transfer with a digital scale. The water float method is another way to "weigh" your fuel canisters. 

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