Katadyn BeFree Gravity Water Filtration System, 3.0L


$ 90.00

Elevate your game and let gravity do the filtering with the BeFree™ 3.0L water filter system from Katadyn. It is easy to use with the ultra-durable HydraPak® reservoir using the integrated Bail Handle & Carry Loop.

Lightweight and compact it filters up to 2 liters of water per minute. The pore size of 0.1 micron microfilter (0.0001 mm) removes harmful organisms such as protozoa and bacteria to EPA standards. It is also 100% PVC and BPA free

To get the most enjoyment out of you filter simply shake or swish the EZ-Clean Membrane™ filter and hit the road. Less worry, more fun, BeFree!


  • Removes 99.999% bacteria & 99.9% protozoa along with e-coli; crytosporidium and girardia
  • Ultralight, Compact, Flexible and Durable at a weight of 6.8 oz (192 g)
  • Ultra Fast Flow, filters up to 2 liters per minute
  • Shake to Clean, EZ-Clean Membrane™ by simply shaking or swishing. No backflushing or tools necessary. 


  • Water Source: Clear Water
  • Group Size: 2-5
  • Usage: Often
  • Product Type: Gravity System
  • Output (L/min): 2
  • Treated Quantity (L): 1000
  • Effective Against: Microorganisms
  • Filter Material: Hollow Fibre
  • Field Cleanable: Yes
  • Mouth Opening: Wide 43 mm (4.3 cm)
  • Length: 230 mm (23 cm)
  • Width: 75 mm (7.5 cm)
  • Height: 493 mm (49.3 cm)
  • Weight: 192 g (6.77 oz) 

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