Cyalume Surface Trip Flare

Cyalume ChemLight

$ 24.00

Surface Trip Flare

Proven by the U.S. military, the Surface Trip Flare is safe for use in any environment, under any conditions. When triggered by a trip wire, it activates a 6" ChemLight lightstick. Recommended by SWAT teams for maximum flexibility during nighttime operations. Non-flammable and non-toxic; it will not start a fire like a pyrotechnic trip flare. Ideal for nighttime intrusion spotting for any security observation post. The Surface Trip Flare is reusable - just insert a new ChemLight and it's ready to use again. An ultra high-intensity lightstick is recommended for use with this unit. Each Surface Trip Flare includes temp-one ultra high-intensity ChemLight, trip cord, and mounting hardware for any surface. Duration of flare = 5 minutes.

  • Applications: early warning perimeter control, code avenues of approach, airstrip security control, coding / sealing off ranges.
  • NSN approved with a wide range of uses.
  • NSN: 6260-01-247-2937

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