Button Compass

Kit Fox Outfitters

$ 2.00

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These are hard shell liquid filled button compasses designed to for survival watch bands, paracord bracelets or key fobs.  

  • The liquid filled in is a good tinder in emergency.
  • The NSEW letters are bright and easily readable even in dim light.
  • Shell size is 0.94 inch x 0.94 inch (24mm x 24mm) 
  • Loop size (on back) is 0.12-inch x 0.83 inch (3mm x 21mm) 
  • Compass diameter size is 0.75 inch (19mm)

Please keep compasses away from interference such as metal, computer, earphone, cell phone...etc. In addition, the compasses can't be used together. Due to the interference of each other, they'll not work correctly together. Please use them separately. 


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