Borrego 3 Knife

Kit Fox Outfitters

$ 120.00

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The Kitfox Outfitters Borrego 3 was developed from the ground up to be at home in the desert and chaparral of Southern California.  The drop point design with lots of belly is durable, easy to sharpen, and eminently functional.  For toughness and durability, we chose 15N20 steel and coated the entire knife with industry leading Cerakote for corrosion resistance.  Go ahead and get sweaty while working with it!  You can wrap the handle with para cord leave it bare for a super slim profile.  


At the rear of the knife, a cutout fits 1/4" hex bits, so you can bring any specialty bits that you might need in your travels or daily life.  A small section is ground to provide a striking point for Ferro Rod, meaning the blade can remain safely covered in the sheath while starting your fire.   Being in San Diego, a bottle opener was practically mandatory!


The Kydex sheath is locally sourced from a shop that's nationally recognized for high quality holsters and sheaths, and is made so it can be hung from the neck lanyard, lashed to a backpack or other web gear, or screwed to a belt clip. 

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