Shelter Backcountry Skills Class

Kit Fox Outfitters

$ 50.00

Exploring nature and the backcountry should be a fun experience for everyone. San Diego and Southern California offer a wide variety of opportunities for everyone of all abilities.  One of the most important aspects of enjoying yourself is a strong base of backcountry skills; a drive to constantly learn new things; practice and reinforce the basics. Kit Fox Outfitters strives to be an educational outdoor company providing the gear you need and the knowledge to use it.  Our classroom based curriculum is geared towards the experienced and novice alike. Each class duration is 1 hour and product is included. 

Our Commitment to Backcountry Education: 

  • Keep it Fun
  • Keep it Safe
  • Keep it Affordable
  • The Outdoors is for Everyone

Shelter:  What is shelter in the backcountry, what do I need, what do I do? Our shelter class is a one hour lecture based classroom course covering the basics concepts of shelter in the backcountry to include planning, preparation, and emergency situations both their avoidance and dealing with them.  At the end of this course you will not only leave with a solid instruction and understanding of shelter basics you will also leave with some new gear to add to your shelter kit as well!

Topics Covered:

  • Planning
  • Gear Selection
  • Improvising Shelter
  • Natural vs Manmade

 Gear Included:

  • Grabber Outdoors All Weather Blanket, Olive Drab
  • Grabber Space Emergency Blanket, Gold

*Products subject to change

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